Top 10 Sushi Restaurants In Miami

This is my list, and I’m only basing the order on quality and taste of the food.

  1. Doraku (owned by the son of the creator of Benihana, get the Surf & Turf Roll)
  2. Cafe Sambal (Mandarin Hotel, not cheap, but best quality of sashimi)
  3. Akashi (very bountiful with their great fish, best specialty rolls)
  4. Matsuri (they have torro and uni, and a couple interesting rolls)
  5. Shibui (the first place I ever ate sushi)
  6. Sakura (great place in the gables, huge TV’s and fresh fish)
  7. Sushi Samba (some crazy menu items, best rock shrimp)
  8. Red Koi (solid food, great dessert)
  9. Miyako (South Miami staple, noodles are really good)
  10. Fuji Hana (great quality fish for a small place)

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