SOFLA Entrepreneurs (Me) React To Obama’s Business Plan

But Ivan Mladenovic is not scared by the economy. He started up his small business in the past year, during one of the most tumultuous economic times to do it. Mladenovic said Obama’s plans could encourage him to hire more and spend.

“Actually the first place that I would spend money on is human capital, and that’s something that’s been the biggest asset of my business today, said Mladenovic. “So I certainly I think I would spend most of my money in hiring more people, because that’s what’s given back the most for me.”

However the young entrepreneur has had his challenges. He’s had difficulty getting small business loans through the banks. That is one of the areas Obama is looking to loosen for companies.

“Having governmental support for that is critical in its success,” said Mladenovic. “I think that a lot of businesses will be looking for a loan to expand as well. Not only just to start up, but because a lot of business have been kind of latent for the last couple of years. So they’ve been anxious to get their hands on additional financing so they can expand.”

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