Shame On You, City of South Miami

I rarely get worked up over politics of any kind, let alone local South Miami politics. But after a recent conversation with two fellow residents, and the cancellation of the Bike SoMi evening bike ride, something has to be said.

There’s nothing more frustrating than counter-productivity. And it seems in so many instances, the South Miami City Commission and City Manager Hector Mirabile are somehow opposite to the visions of their constituents. The whole idea of creating a South Miami ” Town Center” or “Village” is foreign to them, or maybe they just didn’t get the memo.

Well here’s your memo: creating a bike-friendly environment for the City of South Miami is essential for our community. I don’t need to go on about all the health and environmental benefits of cycling, but let’s consider the only possible harm of a group of cyclists riding around the City of South Miami – that the City would not get paid for it somehow.

As one of the youngest homeowners in South Miami, I hope this is not the future of the City I would like to raise my children in. Events such as the Parade of Elves, Safe Streets Halloween, Midnight Marathon, and bi-yearly art shows will have to be charged a $10,000 fee? They can’t afford it, and those events are essential to this community.

City of South Miami – reconsider you position on what is an planned and organized event, and what is a group of people riding bicycles. And consider the community you are responsible for, and what’s truly important to it’s residents.

3 thoughts on “Shame On You, City of South Miami”

  1. Well said. It’s time to stop thinking small, and start thinking about building a city you want to live in. One with a sense of community and purpose. One where the residents want to STAY.

  2. Ivan, I’m with you all the way on this and expressed my concerns in a letter to Dr. Mirabile, with copies to the Mayor and Commissioners. There is nothing in the state or local statutes that supports the City Manager’s decision. Thank you for speaking out about this infringement on our freedom.

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