Reflection on Wordcamp Miami 2010

wordcamp miami

So – I’ve never been to a Wordcamp – but since I’ve been developing in WordPress for a few years now, I thought it was time to check one of these events. My friend and fellow developer John Jacoby was one of the organizers, and the list of presenters was pretty good. Best of all, it was at my alma mater – The U.

The day was stacked with great presentations and workshops, covering a range of topics from content creation, newbie tips and tricks, development and coding, security, and search engine optimization. Some highlights:

  • Insight into the upcoming release of WordPress 3.0 by user experience lead for WordPress, Jane Wells.
  • Tips on making your blog social from Infinidia’s Brian Bresin.
  • A chat with lead WordPress developer, Mark Jaquith.
  • Business strategy and best practices for client relations, with Tammy Hart, of Tammy Hart Designs.

It’s nice to be able to connect live with people developing in a similar platform, and explore new work flows and techniques. I enjoyed learning about the new developments in 3.0, and to see that many developers are using WP as their primary development platform. Big ups to David, John, and Jess for putting together a great event. See you next year.

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